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InvisiHome - Smart Home Controls and Sensors

Works with: Apple's Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, & Yonomi!
Controls Philips Hue and other Smart Lights and regular LED and Incandescent lights.

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We chose to focus on the User Experience

"Nothing is more important than the user getting what they want without even thinking about it."
-- David Gendron, Founder


What We Care About

Most of all we care about YOU!

Done for You!

Once installed you just have to tell us what rooms your lights are in. Then we take it from there: we'll create beautiful and functional lighting scenes based on your home and serve them to you based on the time of day and sunrise/sunset. If you want to, you can make adjustments at the wall as you walk by, with your voice from the couch/wherever, or in the app from anywhere in the world and the system will learn from your usage and do better next time. Smarter lighting without programming. We'll also start to turn your lights on and off for you if you consistently turn them on or off at the same time (like 1 minute after your morning alarm goes off).
Everything is also fully adjustable and setable in the app if you want to create or change things directly yourself (like having your light fade up slowly in the morning to emulate sunrise.
Call it AI or the future or whatever you like, but the bottom line is, the switches are paying attention to how you use them so you can enjoy your home more without paying attention to your switches.

Your Happiness

Your lights should come on when you want them to at the brightness you want them to. Your Universal Light Control (ULC) has Tap Schedules (patent pending) so instead of fiddling with your lights to get them right every time you turn them on, they come on at the brightness you want every time, and will improve as it learns from your adjustments.

Your Health

Your circadian rhythm can be thrown off by the wrong kind of light at the wrong time. The ULC will brighten and colour tone your Philips Hue (Colour or White) Ambient lights, incandescent, halogen, or Philips Warm Glow bulbs, to optimize for a peaceful wakeup, great focus during the day, and to chill you out and get you ready for sleep in the evenings.

Your Frustrations

They learn so you don't have to. Making your home smarter can be frustrating. We know, we've been there and that's why we've created InvisiHome. Zero learning curve, preset beautiful lighting for your open concept home, circadian rhythm colour tones & brightness, along with pre-built in Tap Schedules mean setup is a breeze for anyone, then it learns from your actual usage, to ensure you get exactly what you want, when you want it..

Your Stuff

Go on vacation and your lights will come on while you're away so you appear to be home, and not at random times or brightness, but actually how you use them. And you can turn off your internal lights so you're not wasting energy too.

Your Arrival

Arrive home in the evening and your lights will come on to welcome you home, just the lights you want and only during times you want, so you're not wasting anything or disturbing anyone.

Fur Babies / Pet Friendly!

Your pets won't turn your lights on by accident, since there's no motion sensors, cameras, microphones, false positives, or privacy concerns built in.

Your Guests

Your guests will be able to use your switches/lights without having a conversation, but will surely be impressed when you walk into your living room, tap one switch and your whole living area comes to life showing off your beautiful home, not your switches.

Your Internet

No hub in your home! Your ULC system only connects 1 switch, through wifi, to your router then creates a self organizing/repairing mesh that all the other switches connect to, so you can change all your switches and it won't take over your router or prevent others from connecting or slow it down.

Your Smart Home

Hub in the Cloud If you want to control other aspects of your home, like locking your door, playing music, or controlling other smart lights, you can connect to our Hub in the Cloud (Powered by Yonomi) and then use your light switches to trigger virtually any other smart device (works with over 150 devices) in your home. You can also use these other connected devices or your location to trigger your ULC to turn on/off/dim your lights.

Your Smart Lights

Your ULC will control your Philips Hue Smart lights locally! And other smart lights through our Cloud Hub (Powered by Yonomi). You can turn them on or off, brighten or dim them, and set scenes using the Tap Schedules (patent pending) so you don't have useless, blocked on, or taped up light switches any more!

Your Time

Your front door and your bedroom ULCs can be set to shut off all the lights in your home so you don't have to run around turning them off before you leave or go to bed. And any other combination of InvisiHome mesh or Hue bridge devices you'd like, to any switch.

Your Money

If the lights are only on when you want them on you're not wasting energy. And if you have 2 or more bulbs on a switch it's less expensive to make the switch smart than the bulbs.

Your Sleep

Your lights should come on slow and dim in the middle of the night so you don't get woken up or wakeup others.

Your Marriage

Can't agree on how you want your lights to come on? One of you gets single taps the other gets the double taps, both satisfied! Gentlemen, if you're smart, your wife will have the single taps...

Your Bathroom

MAN PROBLEM: With just a bit of light you can hit the target and not wake yourself or your sleeping partner! No fiddling and no bright lights means not waking anyone up!

Your Lighting

Got 4 switches in your kitchen or 8 switches (works as 3-way!) and two lamps in your open concept living area? Set them the way you like them best then save it to the first switch you touch in that room and you'll have perfect lighting without fiddling or walking around the room. And the Tap Schedules (patent pending) mean you can have your perfect lighting at any time of day or night!

What You Think.

We'd love to hear about your experience with your smart home (good and bad), or your expectations for your smart lighting. Tell us what you'd like and we'll make the best, because we care about our products too. Only the best for you!
Comment on our page or send us a message, we'll repond to every one. InvisiHome on Facebook

Your Earth

Our packaging is 100% paper and we've partnered with PlasticBank to ensure we take more plastic out of the environment than we put into it. So we can be better than plastic neutral as a company. PlasticBank purchases plastic at over market rates, near the mouths of dirty rivers, from locals, thus ensuring the plastic doesn't reach the ocean while contributing to the local economy.

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Regal One, Universal Light Control

Smarter Light Switch that works with all lights, dimmable, non-dimmable, and Smart (control all your lights from your wall once again).

Hold to brighten
Tap or Double tap
Air Gap switch to reset your Smart lights.

how it works

Your light switch should work the way you want it to and the way your guests expect it to. No learning curve or second thoughts.

Install Universal Light Control (ULC)

Just take out your existing switch and replace it with your InvisiHome Light Control, we've included wires and nuts for even easier installation. You can even continue to use your existing decora style face plate.

Configure it

Connect to it's Wi-Fi hotspot and configure the light control with our intuitive interface.

Yay! Done.

Now you have internet in every room you installed a ULC, no more dead zones! And when you or your guests tap your switch your light(s) do what you want them to, every time.

Some of the Benefits

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Light Control

Your Universal Light Control (ULC) can be set to control the light(s) it's connected to and/or any smart lights and/or any other ULC on your network. The connected light can be a single or multiple dimmable LEDs, CFLs, or Incandescent bulbs or non-dimmable bulbs (minimum 2 watts, up to 600 watts max). Philips Hue lights can be controlled locally through their own gateway via the ULC (even when the Internet is down). Other lights through IFTTT, so virtually any or all light bulbs in your place, hence the "Universal" Light Control.

Lamp Control

Your ULC can be set to control our smart outlets so you can control and dim/brighten lamps you previously had to turn on and off at the lamp.

Home Control

Your ULC can also be set to control other parts of your home through IFTTT. Want your TV to come on when you turn on the light in your movie room?

Save Money

Switching to smart light bulbs is way more expensive than changing your switch, especially if you have multiple light bulbs on one switch!

Save Space

No hub! Did we mention that no hub/gateway is required? So you don't have to hide your hub or take up any more LAN ports. These replace your existing light switches taking up no additional space anywhere in your home.

Intuitive App

Control your lights from anywhere, set to Vacation mode for your lights to work automatically so you appear to be home. Have your lights come on automatically when you get home. And much more!

You use your open concept space differently at different times of day, your lights should know this!

Now they can with InvisiHome and our patent pending Tap Schedules

Regal One Smarter Dimmer Front
Regal One Smarter Dimmer Back

At InvisiHome we believe that technology should be invisible. That your home should work better for you without taking your time or adding frustration.

When designing our products we first ensure that we are adding to your experience and not taking anything away.
For instance, when you add smart bulbs, you lose your old light switches. When you add other smart switches you lose the bulbs or your daily time.
At InvisiHome we ensure you don't lose anything, setup is easy and mosty done for you, and your experience improves as you use them.
We evaluated others and designed with these things in mind:

  • If you have to look at it to use it, you're failing;
  • If you can't operate it with your elbow while you're hands are full you're losing;
  • If you have to explain to guests how to turn on your lights or supply them with a voice script then you're losing.
  • If it comes on when you don't want it to or stays on longer than you need, then it's failing, and costing you;
  • If it takes up more space than what it's replacing then it's taking from you;
  • If it interferes with other technologies then it's failing you;
  • If it adds frustration where there was none, then we've failed you miserably;
  • If it stands out, we've failed: You are interesting, your technology should just work;
  • If you can't forget about it (when was the last time you thought about your light switches?), we've failed;
  • If it can be done for you and it isn't, then we're failing you.
  • You have to be able to accompish what you want with as few steps as possible. Efficiency, like you are, is king!


Here’s a roadmap of our product to highlight the milestones from the initial phase to delivery and future updates.

August 2017


I began trying out all kinds of switches and smart lights.
Nothing did all what I thought a light switch should do!

September 2017

Initial Drawings

November 2017

Research and Development

February 2018

Proof of Concept

Engineers in action!

July 2018

Found a Manufacturer to create
a Manufacturable Prototype

& App and Cloud Development begins

August 2018

Manufacturing Contract Secured

Developing for Manufacturing begins

October 2018

Manufacturing Design and
Component Sourcing completed

November 2018

ETL North America Listed testing begins

Better than UL Listed -- Lead Free Certified, etc.

November 2018

Kickstarter Campaign Launch

December 2018

ETL North America Listing and
other Certifications completed

January 2019

Kickstarter Campaign Complete

January 2019

Manufacturing Begins

March 2019

First Run Manufacturing Completed

Testing and Shipping to North America begins

May 2019

Backers Receive Switches!!!


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